Yard Long Bean



H182 Yard long bean Sabah

This variety is dark greed pod. Black seeds.

70cm~75cm long with firm texture.

Suitable for grow in tropical area.

Tolerant heat and rain . High yielding.

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H363 White Taiwan

This is Taiwan variety. White seeds.High yielding ,

 vigorous plant, High quality .

 Bright green pod. 70cm long. Tasty and crisp.

H150 Sabah curly skin ( white seeds )

Dark green pod with very rough skin .Thicker than other varieties. Young pod are meaty with small seed cavity. Tasty and cripy . 80cm and above .Sample Image

H145 China long ( Blown and White seeds )

This variety is light green pod with round shaped . vigorous growth . pods are fater than other varieties . leaf is small . seed are brown with white eyes at one end.

55cm~60cm long

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H368 Taiwan Fat ( Black seeds )

High yielding , Vigorous growth , 70cm~75cm long, Uniform , Light green pod with slightly curly. Can grow all year around . Black seeds. Firm and tender flesh .

Suitable for grow in sandy soil

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H370 Yard long snake bean

Dark green pod with curly skin . 35cm~40cm long. This variety thicker than other varieties. Tasty and tender flesh crispy . Very resistant disease.

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Early maturity, high yield, disease resistance, pod of about 60 centimeters long, thin flesh , a high rate of dual pods , white seeds.Sample Image


H319 Yard long bean No.75

Seed color : red with white ended spot.

Length: 70cm~75cm

Specification : thick, firm , light green pod

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H303  Green Fusion

Seed color : black

Length : 70cm~75cm

Specification : green pod , thick , high yield

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