Wax Gourd



H251 Wax Gourd Round

Strong growth, prolific branching. High yield. Resistant in disease. Dark green skin with slightly white speckling. Peel greenishness . fragrance juiciness .weight per fruit is about 3~4kgs. Can be planted every season throughout the year.

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Mid maturing, wide adaptability, high yield, strong disease resistance, especially on the wilt disease resistance is superior to other similar species, the fruits of a long cylindrical is about 17 – 20 cm, Green skin, thick fresh , 350 – 500 gram weight.

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H293  Wax gourd long

Good fruit setting . Fruit is oblong shape. 70cm~75cm long, 25~30cm in diameter.

Weight about 12kg ~ 15kg. light green skin with ruster. White flesh ,

Suitable for growing 25`C ~ 35`C

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H260 Mini Wax Gourd

Variety : F1 early maturity

Fruit shape : oval to oblong round

Fruit size : 1kg


Vigorous plant growth

Extensive branching

Good fruit setting