Root Vegetable



H156 Radish Sunrise

F1 hybrid variety. White color skin and flesh with uniform and straight . Excellent Quality.

Root weight 400g~500g. Maturity 60days after transplant. 26cm~3ocm long. 6cm diameter. The leaf is erect and egg round . few branching and crack roots.

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White color skin . green leaf can be cook.

Uniform shape and resistant to bacterial soft rot.

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Yellow skinned crisp roots. Early Maturing variety. Heart shaped. Fruit is about 1kg~2kg in weight. Fibreless.

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H215 Pink Radish

Plant type : Mid-Early Maturity

Long cylindrical and pink with a tip.

The flesh is pale white and compact.

The growing time from sowing to harvest is 35~50day

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H101 Radish Cherry     

Plant type : Early Variety

Intended for cold and warm climate.

Forcing in greenhouse as well as growing open field.

The bulbs are large , round and shiny red

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