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H142 Pumpkin Red GiantMid early variety. Flesh in firm bright yellow. Grey green shell. 6~8kg in weight.

Can make cultivation in open field.

H372 F1 Honey Sweet

F1 hybrid variety. Mid early type. 80~90 days after sowing , Vigorous growth,

Many branches , High Yield , fruit is 36~40cm long , Pestle shape, 14.5cm diameter.

Orange yellow flesh with aromatic sweet taste. Weight about 3kg.

Thick flesh and orange stripes. Tolerant in heat and heavy rain.

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H172  Kirono

Perfect variety for soups and to roast. This pumpkin reaches on average 8 kg .  The whole pumpkin can be preserved 3 months in a fresh and dry place.

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H193 F1 Orenji

Thick green rind, strong heat-resistant special early varieties of good fruit, fruit weight 3~5 kg, clean good-looking, oblate-shaped fruit. Thick green rind, deep yellow flesh, very good taste. Leaves small, medium plant, easily cultivated.

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H188 Butternut Pumpkin

Fruit  shape : cylindrical

Fruit color : Goldenrod yellow

Fruit weight : 1.5kg~2kg

Harvest : 90day

Specification :

early variety , excellent flesh quality , small neck


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