H253 F1 Papaya HK2 Harvest King

The plant is about 20’’inch in height. Mid early maturity. Bisexual growing. The female flower is set round fruit . whereas , the hermaphrodite is set oblong beautiful shape. Glossy and red flesh . The fruist is 1.5kgs~2kgs in weight. Single plant left 40~50 of fruits.

Tolerant virus ring spotlight, heat and wet. Strong resistant to the disease and bug. The brix is on average of 14%. 15days and above germination of sowing


1 mu = 667square meter / 160 plant.

1 arce = 1000 plant 

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H230 F1 Papaya Hawaii

This variety is # 1 original inbred in Hawaii for 50 years. The plant is about 2.2m ~2.4m in height. Tender and sweetness. Glossy flesh is pink red . the female flower is set oval shape . whereas, the hermaphrodite is set oblong beautiful shape. Average weight 0.6kgs~ 0.8kgs. High sugar content up to 16% brix. Approx 40~80 fruits per tree

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H168 F1 papaya One Foot No.1

Flesh is orange with yellow skin. 28cm~30cm in length. 10cm~12cm in diameter.

All plant bear fruits. Uniform growth . Good fruit setting. Average fruit weight is approx. 2kgs~2.5kgs. High sugar content of 14%brix

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