Pak Choy




H120 Sawi Putih Ma Yee

This variety has white big petioles with  green leaves.

Medium tall,

Tolerant to heat and slow to bolt ,

Suitable for all climates

22~ 25cm in tall

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H255 Sawi Putih GuangZhou

This variety has large deep green leaves ,

loose tender leaves

With white big petioles,Fast growing ,

Uniform , Tolerant to heat and

Tall:. 25cm~28cm

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H171 China Cabbage( HEAD )

Hybrid variety newly developed in Taiwan.

Light green leaves with frilled

Edges. Very tender and delicious.

Suitable for all around climates.

35~45 days in Maturity

300g~350g in weight

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H115 Sawi Keritin Wang kin

This variety has loose-leaf with frilled edges.

Light green leaves with white stalks.

Suitable for grow in hot climates.

Weight : 120~150g

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H212 Sawi Putih Susu GuangZhou

This variety has deep green leaves with big white petioles.

Short and fat sized than other varieties.

One of the most popular vegetable in Hongkong.

Fibreless, High Quality,Very tender and succulent

Long : 15cm Weight : 100g

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H206 Sawi Taiwan Pak Japan@Natsu-Syomi

F1 hybrid variety.

leasves is oval shaped and light green colour thick stem

and broad head.

Resistance in heat and humidity.

Suitable for all year round cultivation.

Good taste for cooking.


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Fast growth, short and strong plant type,

leaf thickness,  green, veins and obvious thinning,

 leafstalk white, spoon-shaped.

Fiberless. Tender quality is well received by the market

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 Tolerant in heat , cold and humidity,

disease resistance, and  large Head,

petiole partial green, oval leaves,

pale green, less fiber, very good taste and

good quality.

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