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4 in 1 Organic Soil

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Product Description

It has a fertile fully organic and smooth the environments. It committed to the sustainable utilization of natural resources. Using old wood humus as its main ingredient and specially formulated by Agriculture experts. The process used to produce 4 in 1 Organic Soil environmentally friendly and responsible, no additives or preservatives are used in the processing of 4 in 1 Organic Soil and there are no environmentally unfriendly product released into the environment as a result of processing. Whatever your plants in the outdoors, indoors or subjected to a harsh climate environment 4 in 1 Organic Soil will help them to grow and improve their performance.


1.       Reduces the leaching of nutrients and increase soil fertility.

2.       Increases the useful life of decorative plants.

3.       Save watering cost.

4.       Reduces pesticide and disease control costs.

5.       Reduces seed costs by reducing the time to maturity.

6.       Suitable pH 6~7

7.       Excellent aeration and drainage.

8.       Enhance the quality of flowers and leaves.



1.       Clay and sandy soil conditioner and enhancer.

2.       Seed and cutting growing.

3.       Potting mixes and organic farming.

4.       Plantation and landscape gardening.