H161 Malaysia 1.5’’

Fruit is green skin with white flesh. Prolific branching ,

straight and uniform.

Fruit is 30cm~45cm long. Maturity 35 days after sowing

.5.5x7.5 大肉精选丝瓜(1)


H121 Fu Shan 2’’

Fruit is green with light green flesh.

Heat tolerance . Vigorous growth .High yield

Tolerant heat and wet.

Fruit is 45cm~60cm long. 300g~400g in weight.

Maturity: 35~40 days after sowing

.Sample Image


F1 Double Green 

Variety : F1 early maturity

Fruit color : dark green

Fruit size: 40cm

Specification : well branch , good fruit setting , seedless

Sample Image

 Sample Image