H125 Salad Tongsan

This variety is lion head lettuce type. White seeds .Loose leaf , light green leaves . 200g~250g in weight. It can grow to maximum 11~13 stalk of leaves. Can be planted in all tropical seasons.

Maturity : 50 days after sowing.

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H151 Salad U.S

F1 hybrid U.S variety. Black seeds.Leaves are crisp and deeply notched with green color.

50~55 days after sowing. Tolerant in heat and wet . Resistand in TIP BURN.

Suitable for all tropical area. It is about 200g in weight.

It can grow to maximum 20~22 stalk of leaves.

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H107 Salad Green

Loose leafed variety. Black seeds . Light green leaves with frilled crisp. Fast growing.

This variety is very popular in Asia for fresh leaves consumption . Fibreless .

Tolerant in cold and heat. Resistant disease . Maturity: 40days after sowing.

It can grow to 11 ~14 stalk of leaves.

Tasty for hot pot and poached dishes.

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H158 Salad Anan selection

This variety has nutty flavoured leaves. Round leaves with light green color.

Leaves is slightly wrinkle. Crispy , Tender leaves , crisp texture.

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H198 Romaine leaf lettuce 

A variety intended for field growing.

The head is firm and closed off

It is highly resistant to bolting.

The growing time from sowing to harvest is 65~75day

Suitable for all year round growing.

Medium erect, flat leaf with bright green color.

Tolerant to bolting, Downy mildrew and tip Burn.

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