H119 Sawi Hijau 60

Fast Growing and Vigorous. Tolerant to heat. Leaves and stem is green.

Suitable for Asia market . Good for frying. Maturity 25 days.




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H124 Sawi Hijau 80

A large and vigorous plants. Green in colour with round green petioles.

Leave are large and smooth. Plant is late bolting . Thick leaves.

Maturity 30 days. 45~50cm in length. Suitable for planting all the year


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H148 Sawi Manis Besar ( Sweet Caixin )

This hybrid variety is slow bolting. Light green leaves with light green

Petiole. Strong growth . Tolerant to heat and cold, Smooth skinned ,

Good sized , Uniform , No branches , easy to culture , fast growing.

Maturity 25~30 days after sowing.

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H132 Sawi Hijau # 33

This variety has deep green leaves with dark green petiole. Late bolting.

Tolerant to heat and wet , Uniform . Maturity 30 days.

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H166 Sawi Bunga Hong Kong # 30

This variety has BIG green Stalks with smooth green leaves.

30 cm in length. 1.5cm~2cm stalk in diameter

40~60g in weight, Fibreless, High Quality, Good for transport,

Tolerant to heat and wet, Maturity 25 days

It can grow to Maximum 7 stalk of leaves.

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H191 Sawi Hijau Bunga Singkong # 28

This variety has Big green stalks. Early mature, Leaves are green

With little branches. 28cm in length and 1.5~2cm in diameter.

40~60g in weight, Fibreless , High Quality, Tolerant to heat and wet

Maturity 24~26 days.

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H131 Sawi Putih Besar Balak

This variety has green leaves with light green stalks.

Super tolerant to warm and raining

Good for transportation and year round growing.

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H366F1 Super HK

Plant type : F1 variety

High yield , late flowering , large white stems

Vigorous plant

Thick leaves , fast growing

Harvest : 35 day

Tolerant to virus

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Partial round, short thick petiole green, shiny,less fiber, vegetables taste good, quality excellent. Plants grow fast, very neat, concentrated harvest. Suitable for tropical areas of cultivation

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