Hot Pepper



H164 Hot Fire No.3

This variety is strong vigorous, very Hot chili . Suitable for tropical area .

Upright growing habit 2~3 cm long. Fruit is light green to red color.

High resistant disease. Soak seed over night before sowing.

Origin Country : Thailand






H186 Long Red

F1 hybrid chili . Easy grow . High Quality . Early Mature, Smooth skinned,

High yield. Tolerant to heat , Resistant disease ,Good for transport.

Weight about 20g~25g. Long 11cm~15cm

Fruit diameter about 2cm~2.5cm

Sample Image


Medium late mature variety. Vigorous growth . Fruit is big lantern shaped .

Fruit is dark green at full maturity.Tolerant heat and cold. Fruit is thick .

Suitable for all growing area. Resistant disease.

Fruit weight 200g. Maturity: 45 days after transplant.Sample Image

H220 Holland Ruby Red

High yield variety. Vigorous growth , suitable for all growing area.

Fruit is dark green to dark red at full mature.

9cm X 9cm wide. 3 ~ 4 lobes with thick flesh, Fruit weight 200g220_new_01


H103 Regend Yellow

 This variety is Long-lasting production and  produces lots of fruits . It’s a pepper of large yellow, mild, tender fruit. Peppers can be eaten raw in salads or cooked in different forms and dishes. Pepper is a warm season vegetable

.Sample Image