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Sample Image

Sample Image

SR 06    6L

Full Capacity                     8liter

Working Capacity             6 liter

Weight                             1.5kg

Dimension 172 X 172 X 495 Mm

Max Pressure                  5.0kg/cm2

Working Pressure           3 kg/cm2

Flow rate                         0.3~0.6 liter/min

Spray Angle                   10~90 Degree


 Sample Image

SR 02    1.75L

Full Capacity                    1.75 liter

Working Capacity            1.50 liter

Weight                             0.6kg

Dimension 130 X 180 X 310 Mm

Max Pressure                  3.0kg/cm2

Working Pressure           2 kg/cm2

Flow rate                         0.2~0.4 liter/min

Spray Angle                    10~90 Degree


 Sample Image

SR 01    0.75L

Full Capacity                   0.80 liter

Working Capacity         0.50 liter

Weight                             0.35kg

Dimension 110 X 175 X 280 Mm

Max Pressure                 2.0kg/cm2

Working Pressure        1.5 kg/cm2

Flow rate                        0.2~0.4 liter/min

Spray Angle                   10~90 Degree


 Sample Image

SR 08    8L

Full Capacity                  10liter

Working Capacity           8 liter

Weight                            2 kg

Dimension                            Mm

Max Pressure                 7.0kg/cm2

Working Pressure          5 kg/cm2

Flow rate                        0.3~0.6 liter/min

Spray Angle                   10~90 Degree


 Sample Image

STARWILL  INSECT STRICKY SPRAY  is that can trap House Fly , Lizard , Cockroach and other insect. It firmly attract and hold it until it is dead . By spraying a thin layer of STARWILL  INSECT STRICKY SPRAY 

On a piece of paper or container and place it act the ideal place. It will be more effective if placed some fishy goods as bait, change it, when the paper is full of insect.

STARWILL  INSECT STRICKY SPRAY  is suitable at Restaurant , Hawker centre, Household , Market , Farm and etc.

400ml STARWILL  INSECT STRICKY SPRAY  can spray minimum 140 pcs of 6’’ x 12’’ paper or any other object that save your money.


Can be spray at any object , such as paper and plastic container.

Shake well before spray.

Aim it at 6’’ x 9’’ away from the object.

 Sample Image

STARWILL BONIXI is a special formulation NON- TOXIC product that can attract kill fruit fly. It firmly attract and hold the fruit fly until dead. Fruit fly can destroy or affect the harvest of various types of equatorial fruits such as: Mango , Lemon , Guava , Papaya , Banana, Tomatoes, Rose Apple , Longan , Pineapple , Chilli , Bitter Gourd , Bottle Gourd , & etc.

Usage: helps to reduce the usage of insecticide and reduces the productivity of fruit fly.

Direction of Use:  Get ready an used pet bottle or container as a trap, shake well and spray direct to above the ground ( 4 to 5 feet ) and place 10 to 15 trap per hectare.

Advantages :  It help to detect the fruit fly season and reduce the usage and cost of insecticide.

Changing Period : Change the used container when necessary.