Elite Plus



ELITE PLUS-           For Prevention and treatment of dehydration due to heat stress , diarrhea,etc


Description : Elite Plus is a free flowing and quality Soluble Electrolytes combination. The formula DOES NOT contain Potassium Chloride or Sodium Chloride which are commonly used in electrolyte products. It however , provides a balanced level of Potassium, Sodium and Bicarbonate ions.

IndicationElite Plus is used in the restoration of the balance of the body fluids, acidity and alkalinity and body fluid electrolytes. It is also used as prevention and treatment of dehydration owing to stress as a result of Hot Climate, Diarrhea , Vaccination , Debeaking and transfer of pullets to laying cages and transportation. Vitamin C aids in stress prevention.

                                                        Dosage                                                        Duration

Prevention                                   250g/100 gallon water                                   5~7 days

Severe condition                         250g/   50 gallon water                                  3~5 days

Withdrawal time : NIL