Fruit is purplish violet glossy skin. Flesh is white calyx.

Prolific branching 20 fruits on average per plant.

Fruit is 20cm long 4.5cm in diameter. 250g in weight.

Suitable for shipping.

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Fruit is deep purplish glossy skin.

Flesh is white. Fruit is 20cm~25cm long.

4cm~5cm in diameter. 200g~250g in weight.

Fruit can be setting in raining days.

Good marketable and also for long distance transport

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Early Maturing F1 hybrid variety. Extra early . Straight and uniform. Fruit is black purple skin, with rounded ends. Flesh is white and nearly seedless. Aromatic and sweet tasty.

Vigorous growth. High Quality.Fruit is 30 cm long. 4cm~5cm in diameter. 400g in weight.

The branching is slightly strong

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H149 Taiwan Long

F1 hybrid variety.Fruit is shinny bright purple skin. Flesh is white color. Vigorous growth. High Quality.High yield . Easy plant . fruit is 30cm~35cm long. 2.5cm~3cm diameter.

Prolific branching. 15og~200g weight

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H197 Dark Purple Pearl

Round shaped with silky smooth. Uniform . Large size . Delicious fried .

This variety is known for its large plump. Fruit is deep purplish black fruits

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 Sample ImageH277 F1 

H249Jade Green

Fruit is green color. Flesh is white with full head. 30cm in length. With 4cm in diameter.

150g~200g in weight .

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H315 F1 Viogreen

Mid- Early variety very productive, with long fruits, very thick smoothes skin of violet purple color, which recovers a firm and tasty flesh. 20~25cm in length.

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H407 F1 Black Harvest

  early maturity, high yield, long fruit type, fruit 25~28 cm long, 3 centimeters thick fruit.dark purple peel, rich luster. Good quality, excellent commercial.

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H207 F1 Black Opal 

 Long, cylindrical, smooth fruit which is intense violet in color. Long-lasting production levels.18~20cm in length and 5~6cm in diameter.

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 Sample ImageH403 Seedless Flower purple/green eggplant