Bottle Gourd



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H300 F1 Long Champion.F1 hybrid bottle gourd. Long columnar fruit. 40cm ~ 50cm in length . 2.8cm ~ 3.3kgs in weight. Fruit is uniform with light green skin. Tender and sweetness. Tolerant powdery mildew and virus disase.

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H189 F1 bottle gourd

F1 bottle gourd variety. Light green with strong fruit setting. Tolerant in high temperature. Resistance in disease. 15cm ~ 20cm in length.

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H129 Bottle White long

Fruit is straight blunt ended shape with a length about 35cm, and a diameter of 8cm~10cm. peel is shinny, light green color. Strong in vigor , prolific branching. This variety has good transportability.


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H201 White Round gourd

Plant type :       Mid-Early Maturity

Fruit shape :     Round, smooth

Specification : Suitable for long transportation

                               Tolerant to rainy seasion.

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