Bitter Gourd



H190 F1 White bitter gourd

F1 variety. white skin with medium thick and good teething.

The length is 18cm~20cm. about 6cm ~ 7cm in diameter.

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H109 F1 Bitter Gourd Pinang

Fruit is glossy green color with square shoulders and pointed tips.

Cylindrical in shape with thick flesh. Vigorous growth , Tolerant heat and wet

Resistant disease, High Quality. 25cm~30cm long, 7cm~8cm width ,

750g in weight . Maturity 55~60 days after sowing.

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H195 Bitter Gourd Malaysia

Fruit is medium green, glossy peel with

24cm~26cm long, ribs and stem are large .

6cm in diameter. 600g in weight.

Can be planted all the year round


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H361 F1 Bitter Gourd Singkong

Fruit is medium green with board square shoulders .

vigorous growth , excellent fruit setting ,

strong disease tolerance , large fruit ,

cylindrical in shape with shape ended.

25cm~30cm long , 8cm~10cm width.

Weight approx. 750g

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